Post Period Fun

TW’s period ended Monday morning so we were anticipating some night time fun. Well, to our surprise, we got in some afternoon delight instead. I was at a business meeting that ended early and they let us go home instead of heading back to the office. LP would be at practice when I got home, which only left OS as a potential obstacle for some loud fucking. Well, much to our delight, he decided to go visit his girlfriend, this left TW home alone until my arrival.

When I did get home, TW was naked on the bed, ready and willing. First up? I got down between her thighs and ate her like a man possessed. I made her come on my face before we switched to CG. TW rode my throbbing cock to several strong orgasms before we moved over to Spoon style.

I moved behind her and easily slipped my dick into her well lubed pussy. TW came on my cock many times as I fucked her hard and fast. She got goose bumps a couple of times, while riding me CG style and as I pummeled her from behind. It was a very nice session coming off her period and we’re looking forward to more tonight and tomorrow morning. I have a day off to go see CB’s game and don’t have to leave until late morning. That should give me enough time to get TW to scream out loud. 🙂

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