No Cum Shot, But, She Did Swallow

TW and I had an awesome session last night. She had been at a friend’s house and arrived home late. I was up waiting for her and when she got to bed, she quickly stripped down and I got to have a late night pussy snack.

As I ate her juicy cunt, TW moved down and took my cock into her mouth. We morphed into 69, where TW got a nice, hard spanking. She tried to cover her ass at one point, but I held her hand out of the way and spanked her even harder. TW went ballistic! She began to deep throat me and used her teeth a lot. It was quite exciting, especially when I had her hand pinned behind her back. She was grinding her pussy down on my face as she came and I was lapping up all the juices she provided.

We then moved to CG and TW had several more strong orgasms before I reached the point of no return. I told her it was time to get down and suck me. She quickly went down on me and I filled her to overflowing with my cum. She gagged a bit but then deep throated me several times as I blasted away a double load. It was almost a triple shot. She swallowed it all.

Needless to say, we both slept pretty well last night.

4 thoughts on “No Cum Shot, But, She Did Swallow

  1. So, thats the secret to a good nights sleep.

    I was thinking I needed a new pillow….

    I’ll be over to your place the next time I can’t sleep, and see if TW could “work it out” for me.

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