Who’s Next

Now What?

Now that the SILs have been dumped as Fuck Crushes, who do I focus in on to fill the gap? I could go with JLH, but that’s totally un-realistic. Besides, I think TW is sick of hearing about her. I used to focus on “S, ” at work, but since the unpleasantness several years ago, my desire for her has waned drastically. Of course, if I’m in a bondage mood, she will fill the bill as the submissive slut who’s ball gagged in the corner, awaiting her punishment. I think she might get a good ass fucking from our large black dildo as well, lube optional.

I can’t really go with nameless/faceless lovers either. Ever since I started masturbating, 35 odd years ago, I’ve always had to have a name/face attached to my imaginary lovers. From my early grade school crushes, to high school fantasies and onward, I have to have a real person, whom I know personally, as my masturbatory lovers. It’s just the way I am. Now, it doesn’t work the same way if I’m imagining TW’s lovers, although, I have to admit, my friends are often her paramours. About the only exception would be the guys who fuck her in the woods. I don’t have any friends to fill the bill. 😉

Now, I have been taking an interest in TW’s best friend, SK. They’ve know each other for almost 30 years now. SK is just a bit younger than us, married, with 3 kids. We’ve hung out over the years and, I must say, I really enjoy their company. Now, SK and her husband have been in my fantasies before. Mostly it involves the four of us on a king sized bed, fucking our brains out. SK had a nice set of hips. She doesn’t have a large bust, in fact, it’s rather on the small size, but she’s still very nice looking. I may have to focus on her a bit more. But then again, maybe not. I certainly do not want to screw up TW’s friendship with her by making SK the focus of my desires and fantasies. Sigh.

So, what am I to do now?

I’m lost.

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