Things Are Calming Down And I Got Me Some

Well, things are slowing down, finally, at the M-D house. Oh, there’s still plenty of spring games left to attend, but CB’s season is just about over and his games are the ones we have to travel the farthest to see. LP still has about a month left to her season but the majority of those games are at home. They were front loaded with away games and have one more tournament to attend next week and then it’s home sweet home for the rest of the season. We can’t believe she’ll be going to college next year. Wait a minute, that’ll make us Empty Nesters! WOO HOO! HOORAY! SWEET! Hello house, goodbye pants! TW and I will be able to fuck whenever and wherever we want. HOT DAMN! It’s gonna be great!

Speaking of great, TW and I had ourselves a wonderful session this morning. I took some comptime so she and I could have some fun today, after our busy week. When TW got back to bed, after seeing LP off to school, she was greeted with a raging hardon. She licked me a bit before mounting up CG style and having herself several strong orgasms before we changed over to Spoon.

Oh my, the orgasms my honey had when we fucked Spoon style. I really wasn’t worried about coming, since it was my morning hardon. I gleefully fucked her hard and fast, both while spooning and then when she moved on to her back. My cock was like a piston, pumping in and out and in and out. TW was moaning and coming and screaming into her pillow while I fucked her. When I grabbed a fistful of hair, she had her strongest orgasm of the morning. I left my honey, her legs splayed wide on the bed, and got into the shower. By the time I got out, she was fast asleep. I kissed her gently and left for work.

A very nice start to the day indeed.

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