TW and I had two emotionally exhausting sessions this weekend, sandwhiched in between LP’s games and tournaments. The first one left TW so exhausted that she was actually sobbing after we finished. She had some tremendously strong orgasms and was emotionally overwhelmed.

This morning’s session, courtesy of some well earned comptime, was also quite exhausting for TW. She came on my cock CG, RCG and Spoon style. We finished up with her legs wrapped around my head as she tried to twist my head off as I ate her to one powerful orgasm after another. Once again she was left with tears in her eyes as she tried to calm herself down. I left her asleep, under the covers, as I headed off to work.


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    • Sure, but TW will have to come as well. I can’t be sneaking around behind her back you know. πŸ˜‰

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