TW and I got in a nice little session this morning. Nothing too earth shatteringly rambunctious or loud, just some good old fashioned Spoon and CG style. The CG was sandwiched in between the Spoon and it was all good.

No BOOBQUAKE pics from the SILs, although I did ask.

Got a nice DB from S at work yesterday. I’d definitely love to get to play with her small breasts.

LP has five games left in her high school career. People keep asking me what I’m going to do next year when I won’t be cheering for her. I guess I’ll just have to be the creepy, fat dude that attends games his kids are not involved in. I can always hit on the moms. 😉

Of course, not having to go to games means that TW and I can have wild and crazy sex all over the house when I get home from work. That’s WAY better than attending games we have no vested interest in. Besides, we can work on our photography and knot tying skills. 🙂

It’s Wednesday, aka Hump Day. Hump someone you love today. Hell, you probably don’t even have to love them to hump them.

Lust is a great and wonderfully powerful thing.

I need to make more cash. Maybe Mr. M-D retirement home stripper would work out. Nah, probably not.

Got a nice DB from my MIL the other day as well. It’s very apparent where my wife and her sisters get their excellent breasts: from mom.

I’m so tired lately. It sucks.

The more I see, the less I understand.

I need a serious vacation, maybe to a nudist colony.

There’s never enough time, N E V E R.

4 thoughts on “Quickies

  1. After having kids around for so long, next year will be a different experience for us. We’ve always made plenty of time for sex over the years; so, for us, that won’t be a change for us. Perhaps we’ll organize the next Boobquake like event. 🙂

    • HELL YES! Big or small, I LOVE them all! That being said, I don’t normally scope out my MIL, but, the opportunity presented itself and HELL YES, I’m gonna look. I wonder….no, never mind. 😉

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