What’s For Dinner?


Well, okay, it was way too late for dinner, but nothing else made sense for a title.

I got to eat TW to a few strong orgasms last night. We were both pretty tired, but, after giving TW a nice leg massage, I crawled inbetwen her legs and gave her pussy and clit a tongue massage. Both were quite well received I might add.

TW wasn’t even home for dinner last night. She was attending a meeting for the club that LP plays for. I guess I’ve been reading too much Rebecca lately. I had visions of TW forcing the fellow moms down between her legs and licking her to one orgasm after another. Yeah, that would have been sweet. Oh well, one can always dream.

It’s hard to believe but LP is just about done with high school. Prom is next weekend and she’s down to finals at school. DAMN the time has flown by. Hell, CB is gonna be a senior in college next year! FUCK! We’re getting old. Soon, TW and I will be relegated to the old folks home, where I will still be trying to get her gangbanged or involved in swinging.