That screaming you heard early last night was TW experiencing a wild and totally hot sex session with your’s truly. In fact, it was so hot that I wound up giving TW a pussy full of double cumshot goodness.

We found ourselves home alone as both CB and LP headed out to friends’ houses. We wasted no time in getting naked and fucking ourselves silly. Needless to say there was cock sucking, pussy eating, hair pulling, cunt fucking, name calling, ass slapping fun. TW wailed out her orgasms as I fucked her hard and fast both from behind, Spoon style, and also as she rode my dick to one giant orgasm after another.

It was loud, it was sweaty, it was HOT and it was F U N! We really wore ourselves out and both of us are in some form of pain today. But, like working out, it’s a good hurt. Things will slow down a bit as TW’s period is due to arrive this weekend. That’s why she got the hot, sticky, double load of cum in her cunt. Since we don’t use birth control, it’s a special treat for us to have me cum inside her. Most of the time, she swallows or wears my load. As soon as the first spurt hit her pussy walls, TW went ballistic! She wailed and arched her back as I roughly tugged on her nipples and slapped her ass. I watched in amazement as she totally let loose.

It was fucking incredible.

2 thoughts on “OMG! HMS!

  1. Hey,…
    Keep it down over there.
    some of us oldies need our sleep…

    Great to see that you and TW were able to get in some quality alone time.

    Hoping your weekend is just as fullfilling, and I can’t wait to “Hear” more.

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