TW and I got a preview of our future last night when all the kids were out and about with friends. I was watching a movie I TIVOd several months ago when TW came down and asked me if what I was watching was important. She then hipped me to the fact that we were left home alone. AAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I quickly turned the movie off and we headed off to bed. Oh the screaming orgasms my honey had. I started off by eating her to several strong, scream out loud, orgasms. I lapped and licked and nipped and nibbled on her pussy and clit, sending TW into orgasm heaven. She screamed and thrashed about the bed as I ate her before she finally took a pillow and screamed into that. No use having the neighbors call the cops on us. Although, that might have provided a whole different fantasy sex scenario.

We then switched it up and did a little CG action before finishing with a rousing Spoon session that had both of us drenched in sweat. TW’s nipples are probably sore today. I was pretty rough on them last night, pinching and twisting them to my heart’s desire. Of course, it also happened to increase the intensity of TW’s orgasms, so it wasn’t all for my benefit. 😉 We finished up and I fell asleep. I’ve been really tired lately so TW let me go off to dreamland.

This morning, we had another rousing session, not quite as loud since CB and LP were home. It was another rousing success story as TW came on my face, my fingers and my cock. We fucked Spoon and CG style and also got in a little 69 action as well. Her pussy was well licked,  her nipples were well pinched and sucked, and we finished up with me fucking her face and jerking an extra large load on her face and chest.

Overall, a very productive 12 hours.