Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It Just Me?

And I’m not just talking about sex either. The temps have jumped almost 30 degrees in one day around here. We went from mid 60’s to low 90’s. And humid? Oh my lord, it’s sticky and hard to breathe. Unfortunately for TW and my libidos, the hot sticky air has sucked all the life out of us. Add to that a heart stopping win for LP’s team last night, and we’re in no mood to fuck by the time we get to bed.

LP’s team is on to the state sectional finals on Friday. If they win that game, they’re in the Final Four next week! This is as far as any of our kids’ teams have got in the playoffs. If Friday’s game is anything like last night’s, I won’t have to visit the doctor for a heart stress test any time soon! It went back and forth the whole game with the teams trading 2 and 3 goal leads until we had a one goal lead with a minute left. We were trying to hold onto the ball but lost it in the last 20 seconds. The other team was driving downfield, but LP and her defensive mates held their own and the other team never got close to the goal. They got off a desperation shot, but the horn had sounded long before the ball got to our goal. WHEW!

Hopefully, things will cool off around here and TW and I will have energy to fuck ourselves silly. Still, looking back, once again it’s feast or famine around the MD household. After the last wild fuck session, we’re in our famine stage. Not that I’m gonna complain though, we do need the rest and, when we do have sex, it’s gonna be most excellent!

One thought on “Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It Just Me?

  1. For three days last week it was hotter here in the UK than it was in Turkey. Then before we could get out for a couple of outdoor tit-flashes it grew suddenly cool again. Damned climate!

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