Get Your Freak On!

Oh we did, yes we did.

TW and I had one of the most intense, scream out loud, spank my ass until it’s hot and red, tear inducing sessions in recent memory.

We were once again left home alone and we sure as hell put it to good use. We had sex in Spoon, CG, Doggy, Missionary and finished up in a wild RCG session that left TW sobbing and shaking as she screamed out her orgasms.

My baby took a lot of punishment, both on her ass and on her tits. She was really worked with the flogger. Needless to say, her pussy gushed and her orgasms were very strong and numerous.

It started out normally enough, with the kids leaving us and TW and I heading up to the bedroom. I stretched out naked on the bed and TW started out by sucking my cock. After getting me hard, TW mounted up CG style and we were off.

After a few orgasms , TW reached into the headboard and brought out the flogger. She’s been in need of a good spanking for a while now, so she was wasting no time in getting started. I worked her ass for a bit before she had a leg cramp and had to get off me.

We quickly moved into Spoon position and I fucked my honey to a few more intense orgasms. She then suggested we use a new toy I got for Father’s Day (no, not from the kids you perverts) It’s basically a strap that allows me to pull TW closer to me while we’re doing Doggy style.

TW got on her knees on the bed and I slipped behind her. I used the flogger on her ass a bit before she moved back and onto my cock. I looped the strap around TW’s hips and pulled her back on my cock. I fucked her hard and fast for a while before dropping the strap and retrieving the flogger.

I continued to work TW’s ass with the flogger when I had an idea. I started to strap her breasts, first the right side, then the left side. As each stroke landed, TW moaned and her pussy got hotter. Her orgasms were quite intense at this stage but she continued to push back at my cock.

I dropped the flogger and reached up to grab her pony tail. I pulled her head back and growled at her to look at herself in the mirror. As soon as she turned her head to look, she came, hard. I continued to pound her pussy from behind while pulling back on her hair. Her orgasms were strong and loud. Finally, her legs gave out and she fell forward.

I turned her onto her back and began to tongue her clit. She screamed and arched her back  and violently came. I worked her pussy and clit with my lips while my hands fondled and pinched and tugged on her nipples. I suddenly had a brilliant idea. I once again retrieved the flogger and began to work TW’s tits. Her orgasms ratcheted up to the point where she had her legs wrapped tightly around my head while she arched her back and wailed like a banshee.

After TW released my head from between her thighs, I moved up and put her legs up on my shoulders. I easily drove my cock deep into her cunt on the first stroke and TW’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. I began to stroke deeply in and out while TW wailed and cried out her orgasms. From time to time I’d suck on her nipples, causing TW to moan and scream.

After fucking her Missionary style for a while longer, I suggest she mount up RCG style and I could spank her again. TW quickly agreed and got on top of me. She began to rock back and forth on my cock while I started to flog her ass.

Her pussy got very warm again and she soon began to scream as her orgasms overwhelmed her. I worked her ass with the flogger before she finally fell forward but not off my cock. She was working her pussy on my cock when I decided to quit using the flogger and use my hands.

HOLY SHIT! TW went absolutely bonkers. She was screaming and moaning as her orgasms overwhelmed her. Her pussy was soaking my cock with her juices as she rocked back and forth. Her ass was hot and red as I continued to spank her. At one point, my cock slipped out but TW kept on rubbing herself off.  Each time one of my hands hit her ass, she would grind her clit over my shaft. Her orgasms kept building in strength, her pussy kept getting hotter and wetter until, with one final spasm, TW fell off me and onto her side.

She was sobbing and shaking so I massaged her as she came down from her orgasms. Hot damn! What a fuck session!

I thought for sure we’d be tired but it only seemed to energize us as both of us got out of bed and continued our night.

The kids need to leave us home alone more often!

The Dream Is OFFICIALLY Dead

Disease risk higher for swingers than prostitutes

(Reuters) – Scientists studying swingers — straight couples who regularly swap sexual partners and indulge in group sex at organized meeting — say they have higher rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) than prostitutes.

Dutch researchers publishing their work in the British Medical Journal showed that older swingers — those over the age of 45 — are particularly vulnerable and yet are a group largely ignored by healthcare services.

With estimates that the swinger population could be many millions across the world, the scientists said there was a risk this untreated group could act as an STI “transmission bridge to the entire population.”

“Although exact estimates are unavailable, the swingers’ population is probably large,” wrote Anne-Marie Niekamp, who worked on the study with colleagues from Maastricht University.

The Dutch study analyzed the numbers of patients seeking treatment in 2007 and 2008 at three sexual health clinics in South Limburg in the Netherlands.

The clinics have recorded whether a patient is a swinger since the start of 2007, in an attempt to track infection rates among this group.

During the study period, there were just under 9,000 consultations at the three clinics. One in nine of the patients was a swinger, with an average age of 43.

Overall, combined rates of Chlamydia and gonorrhea were just over 10 percent among straight people, 14 percent among gay men, just under 5 percent in female prostitutes, and 10.4 percent among swingers, they found. And female swingers had higher infection rates than male swingers.

One in 10 older swingers had Chlamydia and around one in 20 had gonorrhea.

Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted disease among women and in 70 percent of cases causes no symptoms. The bacterial infection can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and infertility. Gonorrhea is another bacterial infection which can also lead to infertility if left untreated.

Niekamp said that while other high risk groups, such as young straight people, gay men and prostitutes, were relatively easy for healthcare service to identify and target for advice and help, swingers were generally a hidden community.

“That makes them very hard to reach,” she said in a telephone interview. “Because they are so hidden and in some ways also stigmatized, it is hard for them to come forward for STI testing and treatment.”


TW and I got in a nice short spoon session this morning. She had a few orgasms and it got our day off to a good start.

Next up, getting our energy and strength back for a possible home alone night on Saturday.

Here’s hoping.

Mr. Mojo Risin’

At least TW and I are getting it on in my dreams.

Last night, TW and I were having wild and crazy ass sex outdoors. Unfortunately, it was in the dream I was having. Maybe this means I’m finally turning the corner and getting out of my funk caused by the heat and the humidity and the exercise.

In my dream, we were in a park setting, only the park was severely flooded. I was face fucking TW hard and fast while she was on her knees in the water. We had to move several times due to the flooding, but TW always remained attached to my dick by her lips. We were naked, soaked but having the time of our lives, and then, I woke up.

Damn it!

UPDATE: TT was giving me more good views today but, alas, all good things must come to an end. We fixed the issue she was having, so I’ll no longer have to meet face to tits, um, I mean, face to face, with her to work on it. Oh well, it’s probably for the best anyway. Even though my wife and I are separated (I’m at work, she’s at home) there was no way I’d ever be able to convince TT to let me see her titties.

It’s okay though, TW is kind enough to let me see her’s all the time. I don’t even have to ask. 😉