It’s Summer For God’s Sake, Get Your Ass Outside And Play

Hello there gentle readers,

TW and I will be posting less around here for the summer. The weather’s getting warmer and both she and I spend way too much time on our computers, so, we’ve decided to lay low for a while and get back outside. Oh, don’t worry, we’re not quitting our blog, nor is this any kind of protest against the lack of comments, (although we would like to see more 😉 ) we just want to spend more time outside, in the fresh air, in a real 3-D environment, with smell-o-vision included.

Oh, and we’re still having sex. In fact, just this morning, TW got a nice pussy licking and some Spoon style fucking as well. Her orgasms were quite intense, and, just what she needed. This, according to the eminent Dr. M-D. I licked, err, liked it too. 🙂

EDIT: Of course, getting outside to play also means the possibility of some public flashing and some good ol’ fashioned sex in the woods. We’ll keep you posted.