Slow But Steady

TW and I have been getting the odd session in here and there lately. She’s in a lot of pain due to her back issues and the chiro but we’re still very hopeful that things are on the upswing. My back pain has eased considerably and I’m stretching it as much as possible during the day at work. So far, so good.

There’s less than 3 weeks before LP and CB head off to college! CB for his final year and LP for her first. The kids are cramming in as much fun as they can before school starts, which, fortunately for TW and I, affords us some quality pussy eating time. 😉

Earlier this week, I got to feast on my sexy honey’s pussy and bring her to several strong orgasms. Last night, we got in another nice pussy licking session followed up by some lovely tit sucking and clit tickling. TW had some very strong orgasms and was left panting for breath. She was sobbing a bit, but it wasn’t due to my talented fingers. It seems that her leg goes numb when she has extremely strong orgasms. It’s freaking her out a bit. We’re thinking it’s from the chiro adjustments and is temporary. We certainly hope so!

Sexy Weekend Play

TW and I celebrated our 27th Wedding Anniversary over the weekend. We also got to try out the new prostate toy. IT ROCKS!

I took the day off Friday, mostly for mental health reasons, and TW and I had a rocking session during the day. TW used the Instead Cup in order to be able to ride me to several strong CG orgasms. Of course, I’m sure the fact that she got flogged as well had something to do with the strength and volume of her orgasms. No kids in the house meant TW could scream away, and that’s exactly what she did. I really worked her ass and tits with the flogger.

We finally were able to use the Aneros prostate massager on Saturday morning. HOLY SHIT! I almost had a triple orgasm using the thing. As it was, TW got a very large double load on her face and tits. With more practice I’m sure I’ll be able to obtain that elusive triple orgasm.

It was very comfortable once I got used to it. It did, however, make me extremely sensitive. So much so I wasn’t able to fuck TW for too long. Still, overall, a VERY pleasurable experience.

I was originally under the impression that it’s a vibrator but it is not. You contract and relax your  sphincter muscles to gain contact with the prostate. I’m sure if TW were to use a vibe on it, I’d have an orgasm to end all orgasms. That’s for the future though as we’ve only used it one time. I’m thinking it’ll add a lot to my masturbation sessions as well. I wonder how far I’ll be able to shoot? WeI’ll have to test it and let you know. 😉

Ah, Why Don’t You Just Blow Me.

And that’s exactly what TW did this morning.

I didn’t even have to use the above statement to get her to do it, she just discovered my semi-hard cock and went down on it.

I love it when she sucks my cock. I love the feel of her hair brushing across my shaft and ball sack. Her butterfly kisses on the head and shaft drive me insane. When she finally takes it into her mouth?


This morning, she also gave me a stupendous titty fucking. She took her top off half way through the BJ and cradled my cock between her tits. She was on top of me so I took the opportunity to help her out by mashing her tits against my cock. Damn was it hot!

By the time she took me into her mouth, I was ready to shoot. After a few minutes of deep throat, I was pumping my sperm down her throat. TW swallowed it all while moaning and mewling around my dick.

What a great way to start the day!

The Lost Weekend

Well, we had plans, good plans, but, our backs would not allow us any happiness this weekend.

We had a brief oral session last night, both of us in too much pain to really enjoy it. I can’t believe it’s been almost three weeks with this back pain. TW has been living with it for years although the chiropractic sessions seem to be helping some.

Needless to say, we didn’t get to play with the prostate massager. Maybe this weekend. Our 27th anniversary is this Friday and I’m taking the day off so maybe we’ll get some play time in. I certainly hope so!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention something a co-worker (S1) told me this morning. She was on a “girl’s only” trip this weekend. I asked her how it went and she said it was a lot of fun. They did some ATV riding and got all muddy.


Damn it! Why’d she have to go and fill my head up with visions of dirty, muddy, middle-aged MILFS running around the woods?


Last night, TW and I set the “Wayback Machine” to late summer, 1979.

As we were lying in bed, TW was lazily playing with her pussy. I took over, first with a quick lick, and then I let my fingers do the walking.

As I teased her clit and pussy lips with my finger tips, I told her how much I love playing with her pussy. Whenever I touch her it brings back very hot memories of being in her backyard saying goodnight at the back door.

When I would drop her off, it would be at the back door, right next to gangway between houses. We’d start off in the open, kissing and feeling one another up and then we’d slip into the darkness of the gangway, where the real fun would start.

She’d rub my throbbing cock through my jeans while I was busy working my hand down the front of her shorts. By this time her bra would have been pushed up over her lovely tits and I’d be sucking on a hard nipple. If I close my eyes, I can see us now, both hot and horny. We weren’t having sex at this point, that was still quite a few months away. (Well, okay, we were having oral sex but we weren’t fucking yet.) I loved the feeling of slipping my hand down her jeans or shorts and finding her slit hot and slippery.  When she came, I could feel the flood of pussy juice on my fingers. Her back would arch, pushing her tits into my face. She held my face against her chest while her hips rocked back and forth. I’m sure she had a wet spot when she headed in for the night. The combination of finger play and sucking on her tits always gave me a raging hardon. I’d usually say goodnight and head home to rub one out.

DAMN, I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

Anyway, as I reminded TW how we used to play at night, she was working her way toward a tremendously emotional orgasm. When I finally sucked her nipple into my mouth, she had a violent and thrashing orgasm. When it was finished, TW was sobbing into her pillow, trying to keep it quiet since the kids were still awake. We then moved into Spoon position where we finished the session  by rocking the cabinets in the kitchen with the force of our fucking.

Hopefully, we’ll keep the mojo going throughout the weekend. After all, we still have to try out my new toy. This bad boy:

I’ll let you know if it makes me shoot like a cartoon penis machine gun. 😉