It’s Alive, ALIVE!


TW and I got in a nice, short, but highly orgasmic session yesterday afternoon. After I got home from work, CB and LP went out shopping for a bit. That gave us the time to have some wonderfully loud sex.

I started off by telling TW to take her shorts off. She asked me if I was sure and I just told her waste not, want not. I crawled on all fours over to the side of the bed that TW was sitting on, and immediately dove down between her legs and feasted.

After making her come several times. I climbed up on the bed with her and fed her my cock. TW loves sucking cock and she had me ultra hard in no time. We then had an awesome Spoon session with TW ending up a sweaty, tired mess. I think the best orgasms she had were when I was fucking her while elevated on my arms and legs and when I was fucking her from behind and pulling her hair. They were real screamers! In fact, TW spent the latter part of the session screaming into her pillow. It was hot, it was animalistic, but, most importantly, it was F U N!

Hopefully, we can continue the fun for the rest of the week.

EDIT: You know, I was always told as a kid, and, always told my kids not to play with their food. Well, after seeing THIS site, I’ve changed my mind. 😉