Last night, TW and I set the “Wayback Machine” to late summer, 1979.

As we were lying in bed, TW was lazily playing with her pussy. I took over, first with a quick lick, and then I let my fingers do the walking.

As I teased her clit and pussy lips with my finger tips, I told her how much I love playing with her pussy. Whenever I touch her it brings back very hot memories of being in her backyard saying goodnight at the back door.

When I would drop her off, it would be at the back door, right next to gangway between houses. We’d start off in the open, kissing and feeling one another up and then we’d slip into the darkness of the gangway, where the real fun would start.

She’d rub my throbbing cock through my jeans while I was busy working my hand down the front of her shorts. By this time her bra would have been pushed up over her lovely tits and I’d be sucking on a hard nipple. If I close my eyes, I can see us now, both hot and horny. We weren’t having sex at this point, that was still quite a few months away. (Well, okay, we were having oral sex but we weren’t fucking yet.) I loved the feeling of slipping my hand down her jeans or shorts and finding her slit hot and slippery.  When she came, I could feel the flood of pussy juice on my fingers. Her back would arch, pushing her tits into my face. She held my face against her chest while her hips rocked back and forth. I’m sure she had a wet spot when she headed in for the night. The combination of finger play and sucking on her tits always gave me a raging hardon. I’d usually say goodnight and head home to rub one out.

DAMN, I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

Anyway, as I reminded TW how we used to play at night, she was working her way toward a tremendously emotional orgasm. When I finally sucked her nipple into my mouth, she had a violent and thrashing orgasm. When it was finished, TW was sobbing into her pillow, trying to keep it quiet since the kids were still awake. We then moved into Spoon position where we finished the session  by rocking the cabinets in the kitchen with the force of our fucking.

Hopefully, we’ll keep the mojo going throughout the weekend. After all, we still have to try out my new toy. This bad boy:

I’ll let you know if it makes me shoot like a cartoon penis machine gun. 😉

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  1. I hope that you keep your mojo going this weekend.

    I don’t like to look back to olden times because it reminds me how much sand had fallen thorough the hourglass; and there has been a LOT of it.

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