Ah, Why Don’t You Just Blow Me.

And that’s exactly what TW did this morning.

I didn’t even have to use the above statement to get her to do it, she just discovered my semi-hard cock and went down on it.

I love it when she sucks my cock. I love the feel of her hair brushing across my shaft and ball sack. Her butterfly kisses on the head and shaft drive me insane. When she finally takes it into her mouth?


This morning, she also gave me a stupendous titty fucking. She took her top off half way through the BJ and cradled my cock between her tits. She was on top of me so I took the opportunity to help her out by mashing her tits against my cock. Damn was it hot!

By the time she took me into her mouth, I was ready to shoot. After a few minutes of deep throat, I was pumping my sperm down her throat. TW swallowed it all while moaning and mewling around my dick.

What a great way to start the day!

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