Slow But Steady

TW and I have been getting the odd session in here and there lately. She’s in a lot of pain due to her back issues and the chiro but we’re still very hopeful that things are on the upswing. My back pain has eased considerably and I’m stretching it as much as possible during the day at work. So far, so good.

There’s less than 3 weeks before LP and CB head off to college! CB for his final year and LP for her first. The kids are cramming in as much fun as they can before school starts, which, fortunately for TW and I, affords us some quality pussy eating time. 😉

Earlier this week, I got to feast on my sexy honey’s pussy and bring her to several strong orgasms. Last night, we got in another nice pussy licking session followed up by some lovely tit sucking and clit tickling. TW had some very strong orgasms and was left panting for breath. She was sobbing a bit, but it wasn’t due to my talented fingers. It seems that her leg goes numb when she has extremely strong orgasms. It’s freaking her out a bit. We’re thinking it’s from the chiro adjustments and is temporary. We certainly hope so!