TW and I had an awesome session yesterday when I got home from work. She was waiting for me on the kitchen table, short skirt, white thong, see through blouse with all our toys within easy reach.

She got got fucked with the rabbit on the table, while she sucked my cock and I spanked her ass and tits. After a little oral action for her, we moved over to the futon and I fucked her hard and fast from behind. She came loudly and had several strong orgasms. We never did get in another session, but, we did get to lounge around naked for the rest of the night.

Yeah, this is gonna be fucking fantastic!

Dawn Of A New Era

Today is the first day that TW and I get to enjoy being empty nesters. OS is on duty today and with LP and CB gone off to school, TW and I are prepared to fuck ourselves silly once I get home from work.

We started early as I went in late to work just so I could fuck my honey and eat her delightfully tasty cunt.

We do want to be careful though and not expect too much. I mean, there’s so many things I want to do to TW and I know we have the time, but I don’t want to build up expectations on either of our parts. I mean, what if I have a shitty drive home in traffic? What if TW’s back goes out on her? What if someone from her bothersome family decides to show up?

Yeah, we have to be careful.

Next opportunity for home alone time? That would be Friday. Whatever I don’t do to her today, I can do on Friday.

Decisions, Decisions…

TW and I have been contemplating shutting things down here at Over Forty Married Sex.

We’ve closed the comments section because really, no one uses them anymore.

Thank you to the few of you who sent condolences our way, it was greatly appreciated.

If OFMS survives, it may be as a photo blog. Those seem to be the only ones that draw traffic these days. Besides, I have a TON of material I could post to keep the blog open for years to come. None of ours though, sorry.

Don’t look for us at Flickr. The Gestapo there has deleted four accounts recently including two we paid for. Well, only one really, I’m making sure they don’t get payment for the last one. It was only active for 3 days at the most.

If you plan to use Flickr, DON’T. They are very hostile to folks who post adult content. In fact, they deleted one account because it linked back to this blog in the profile. If that’s not hostile, I don’t know what is.

We’re empty nesters now, well, every three days we are, and have been having raucous sex since that became a reality a couple of days ago. We’d tell you about it but no one seems to care anymore. Maybe we’re too vanilla these days.

Anyway, good luck to all of you in case we don’t return. We’ll be sure to read your blogs when we can.

Take care and be good to one another.

His & Her’s Orgasms

TW and I got matching orgasms this morning. I was scheduled to go in late so we put our morning together time to good use: a little extra sleep and lots of great loving!

Although she didn’t get a pussy licking this morning, I’m sure TW would tell you it was okay. She got a great one yesterday when I got home from work. My tongue and lips worked their magic on her while she was talking with X. That’s right, I got my threeway with TW and one of her sisters! Of course, X was a 1000 miles away, on the phone at the time, and was not cognizant of said threeway, but I’m counting it anyway. It’s about as close as I’ll ever get. 😉

TW had some very strong orgasms as my talented tongue tickled her clit. We finished up with some nice Spoon style fucking.

This morning, after sleeping it a bit, TW reached over to find a nice, hard, throbbing cock.

What’s this for?” She asked coyly.

“It’s for Y O U!” I quickly replied.

TW turned her back to me and we were off. I fucked her hard and fast Spoon style, pulling on her hair and tweaking her nipples. We then switched over to CG and TW rode me to several, just on the verge of some loud screaming, orgasms. I licked and suckled on her tits while she rode me fast and hard to one orgasm after another. I would have liked to get some spanking in, but figured it might make too much noise, especially with TW calling me all kind of dirty names and yelling for me to spank her like the bad girl she is. We just couldn’t take that chance.

As it was, TW was making as much noise as possible without being overly loud. We then finished up in Spoon style with me fucking her to the point of my orgasm. I pulled out and TW went down on me. My orgasm was peculiar. I was actually able to control when I came. I was able to hold off until her mouth was on me and then, when she gagged a bit, I held back and let her catch up. That hasn’t happened in a long time. It was quite stimulating and I’m sure TW appreciated it as well. Less mess. 😉