Are We Too Late?

To report on our weekend fun?

No, of course not!

We front ended our sex on the weekend, having totally awesome sessions Friday night and Saturday morning. When I say totally awesome, I mean totally awesome!

TW went absolutely ape shit when she came. She soaked my fingers, my face, my dick and the bed. Her pussy was slippery and hot. Damn, what a rush! My baby was fingered, suckled, fucked, ate and fucked some more. We hit CG, Doggy, Spoon, and Missionary positions along with some spirited oral sex on both our parts.

Unfortunately for both of us, we couldn’t manage a repeat Saturday night nor any time on Sunday. Yesterday was a washout as well but we’re hopeful we can get energized again for another run at some orgasmic fun.

Naturally, we’ll keep you posted.