Dawn Of A New Era

Today is the first day that TW and I get to enjoy being empty nesters. OS is on duty today and with LP and CB gone off to school, TW and I are prepared to fuck ourselves silly once I get home from work.

We started early as I went in late to work just so I could fuck my honey and eat her delightfully tasty cunt.

We do want to be careful though and not expect too much. I mean, there’s so many things I want to do to TW and I know we have the time, but I don’t want to build up expectations on either of our parts. I mean, what if I have a shitty drive home in traffic? What if TW’s back goes out on her? What if someone from her bothersome family decides to show up?

Yeah, we have to be careful.

Next opportunity for home alone time? That would be Friday. Whatever I don’t do to her today, I can do on Friday.

4 thoughts on “Dawn Of A New Era

  1. Nice to see the comments open again and you blogging. Does TW ever mix up days alone at home with days kids are home when she is in the throes of passion? Or do the kids know if the bedroom door is closed and the dog is outside the door, Mom and Dad are enjoying each other?

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