Busy, Busy, Busy

TW and I have really been crazy busy lately. With OS preparing to move out (and leave us empty nesters for real), work demands, long commutes, workouts, and getting ready for a road trip later this month to visit my dad in Cali, well, we just haven’t had time for the blog.  Sorry about that.

We have had time for some sex though. Last night I got to eat my honey’s pussy and hear her scream out in orgasm. This morning, TW got a fairly rough Spoon fuck. She came quite often as I pounded her juicy cunt with my morning hardon. When I started to pull on her hair, she went ballistic and had quite the powerful orgasms.

I still got it. 😉

We’re Still Alive

And still having wild, crazed HMS.

It’s just that we’ve been pretty busy lately. Have no fear though, we are STILL having sex on a regular basis. In fact, TW’s got some hot, orgasmic spankings lately and she’s sucked down quite a few loads of cum as well.

Hopefully, within the next week or two, things will calm down sufficiently that we can get back to writing on a regular basis.

TT is dressed like a Mexican female sideline reporter today, or,  maybe more like an Octoberfest Beer Frau. However  you want to describe it, it’s H O T! Nice low cut top showing half of her marvelous titties, pushed together with a support bra. I wonder who she’s dressed up for? I just wanted to motorboat her for a while. I kept my cool though, along with my job, and I’ll be treating TW to a motorboating later on tonight. I’d like to treat X to one as well, as I’m picking her up from the train station later on this evening, but, alas, I’m sure she won’t let me.

Pity that.

Hot Holiday Sex


What a weekend we had. Three days of relative silence and nakedness. OS was gone most of the weekend and TW and I put our quality alone time to good use. We slept, we did some gardening, worked on various projects on the computer and watched some TV.

Wait, what? That’s not what you were expecting? Oh, alright, here’s the sexy parts of the weekend.

First off, I have to tell you that our real estate agent hasn’t come back yet to get the papers signed. We left messages for her but she hasn’t returned them. We’re hoping she shows up in the next week or two.

TW and I had lots of sex over the weekend. It wasn’t all at once, we had little sessions here and there but we did have two absolutely fucking fantastic sessions that I have to relate to you.

Sunday night, TW was left an emotional mess. I was eating her pussy and she had several very strong orgasms. How strong were they? She spent most of the time with her legs wrapped around my head, her hands beating a steady beat on my head, her voice echoing around the room as she screamed out her orgasms. When I finally stopped eating her, TW was sobbing uncontrollably. She thanked me over and over again for the awesome orgasms. My face was soaked with her juices as we drifted off to sleep.

Yesterday morning, we had ourselves another nice session which featured some flogging and a whole lot of hand spanking. We started off with me playfully flogging TW. We then moved on to fucking Spoon style and CG style. While TW was riding me CG, I began to spank her ass. She started telling me what a dirty, bad girl she was and I responded by slapping her ass harder. This really turned TW on and she began to bounce wildly on my dick. I continued the ass assault until my hands became numb. I’m sure her ass was a nice, shiny red as it was very hot to the touch.

We switched up and continued Spoon style some more until I had to come. I quickly pulled out of her and TW took my cock into her mouth. I lasted all of two strokes before I filled her mouth with my come. It felt awesome as I emptied my balls into her. She swallowed it all, as usual, and we cuddled a bit before starting our day.

It was a great finish to an awesome weekend.

How was your’s?

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program

For a post about new clothes and what Mr. MD thinks happens when TW gets together with her friend SQ.

First up, new clothes for TW. TW went shopping the other day with her friend SQ. They went to one of the big department chains but found lots of cool stuff (bras, panties) on sale. Naturally, I’m the big benefactor of such shopping sprees so it never bothers me that she shops for clothes. Anyway, last night, I got to see more of the good stuff. Not bras or panties, but rather a VERY short skirt and a see through top.

The skirt is a jean skirt that has the new old look to it. You know what I mean don’t you? Distressed is what I think they call it in the fashion industry. I call it making it look used. Anyway, it’s a very nice skirt. TW refuses to wear it outside the house but I told her as long as she doesn’t bend over or sit down, she’ll be fine. Yes, it’s that short. I LOVE it! I told her it’s the perfect swinging skirt since it provides such easy access to her pussy. After dinner, while she was lying on the couch, I got down between her legs and licked her to a couple of strong orgasms. Did I mention I LOVE the skirt? I’ll try to get photos so you can see what I’m talking about.

The top was a surprise. It’s a very soft t-shirt and I didn’t notice it’s transparency until TW was directly under light. Then I could see those marvelous titties and nipples of her’s. The soft texture of the top was causing TW’s nipples to pop through nicely and I really liked the view. When we headed to bed, she showed me more tops that she bought and I’m looking forward to a fashion show soon. I’m sure you all are as well since I’ll be taking photos for posterity. Oh, one more thing, TW brought down a two sided paddle so I could spank her while she cooked. I took advantage of it and gave her a light spanking while she cooked. Maybe that’s why her pussy was so wet when I went down on her!

I mentioned SQ before. SQ and TW have known each other since the early 80’s. They’re best friends and confide in one another whenever they need to vent. Yes, I’d LOVE to fuck SQ and I’d LOVE to see SQ’s husband fuck TW. Unfortunately, SQ and her husband aren’t that adventurous. Anyway, whenever SQ and TW get together, I always imagine them sitting around topless. Not because they’re into one another but because it’s just the way my mind works.

I imagine them getting together and going topless just to drive me crazy (ier). I’ve jokingly asked SQ to flash me and, like my SILs, she laughs it off. We do have an agreement though that if I’m on my deathbed, she’ll lift her top for me. What a gal! Anyway, I know (I think) they don’t actually sit around topless, but it sure is fun to think about. Plus, I know it’s not ALWAYS about me. 😉