We’re Still Alive

And still having wild, crazed HMS.

It’s just that we’ve been pretty busy lately. Have no fear though, we are STILL having sex on a regular basis. In fact, TW’s got some hot, orgasmic spankings lately and she’s sucked down quite a few loads of cum as well.

Hopefully, within the next week or two, things will calm down sufficiently that we can get back to writing on a regular basis.

TT is dressed like a Mexican female sideline reporter today, or,  maybe more like an Octoberfest Beer Frau. However  you want to describe it, it’s H O T! Nice low cut top showing half of her marvelous titties, pushed together with a support bra. I wonder who she’s dressed up for? I just wanted to motorboat her for a while. I kept my cool though, along with my job, and I’ll be treating TW to a motorboating later on tonight. I’d like to treat X to one as well, as I’m picking her up from the train station later on this evening, but, alas, I’m sure she won’t let me.

Pity that.

2 thoughts on “We’re Still Alive

  1. Glad to hear that things are good.

    I’ll be patiently awaiting your next installment. (Well, as patiently as I can be….)

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