Is That Your Thumb Up My Ass?

Or are you just happy to be eating me?

Well, as it turned out, BOTH.

TW and I treated ourselves to quite the wild Friday and Saturday.

Friday night, I came home to a Playboy Bunny waiting on my bed. (I knew putting those pics up so close to Halloween would give TW an idea or two) I wasted no time getting down between her legs and eating her to several strong orgasms. Hell, I didn’t even get undressed I was so hot for her. After that, we headed out for dinner.

Saturday was spent fucking ourselves silly in the morning and then preparing for OS’s departure from the nest on Sunday. Saturday morning was a real fuckfest. TW came on my hand, my tongue, my cock and on my tongue again. We were 69’ing when I pushed my thumb into her asshole, slowly working it in until I was buried palm deep in her ass. As I ate her, she was wilding coming on my face and thumb. I could fee her anal ring squeeze my thumb as she came. I was furiously licking her pussy and pumping her mouth full of my cock. As her orgasms increased in intensity however, I had to pull my cock from her mouth. She was in the process of attempting to bite it off as her orgasms were very loud, very strong, and awesomely overwhelming. She was totally lost in the moment.

Thankfully, there was no damage done. After getting my cock safely out of her mouth and going to wash my hands, I got back in bed and treated TW to some more Spoon style orgasms as we finished up the session with her sucking my cock. No orgasm for me though as I was saving it for later. Unfortunately, we never got down to fucking her face full of my cum. It’s okay though, the thumb fucking of her ass more than made up for it. I think next time I’m doing her doggie style I’m gonna push my thumb up her back door again. I bet it makes for a wild ride! Hopefully I won’t come in her sloppy pussy. Maybe we’ll try it closer to her period, or, maybe during period sex in the shower.

Sunday was spent getting OS out the door and out on his own. TW and I were pressed for time to help as we had to attend a wake that night. Everything went smoothly and, for the most part, OS is out of here! He still has some stuff to move, but the majority of the bigger stuff is gone. We’ll have approximately two weeks of NEDD (Naked Every Damn Day) time before LP and CB are back for Thanksgiving Break. Trust me when I say we’re gonna put that shit to good use!

Before we left for the wake, we had 87 trick or treaters come by for candy. We filled a basket with more candy before we left and it was gone when we got back from the wake. Hopefully, it didn’t go all at once, if you get my meaning. Still, there were no eggs thrown at the house or TP in the trees so it must have lasted a while. How did your Halloween go?

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