Dreamer, You Know You Are A Dreamer…..

I had the most awesomest dreams last night. The first one, Z and I were making out, frenching ourselves silly while she stroked my hard cock through my pants. In the second one, Z and I were in a bedroom and she flashed me. Her tits were marvelous! As she flashed me, X, who was lieing in bed (no, not naked, unfortunately) kept teasing us she was going to tell on us. Sandwiched in between those most awesome dreams was a raucous sex session with TW.

TW and I started off with a lazy spoon session. TW then mounted up CG style and rode me to several strong orgasms. She was quite loud but it didn’t matter, nobody but her and I were home. 😉 After tiring out while riding me CG, TW rolled off me and onto her side. I immediately sank my hard cock into her cunt and fucked her hard and fast. My own orgasm was starting to build so I picked up speed. I pulled out right before coming and TW went down on me and swallowed it all.

What a gal.

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