TW and I hope that all of you have a safe and very happy Thanksgiving. Although I bitch a lot (quit rolling your eyes) about what I don’t have, I’m very thankful for the things I do have: a job, a loving family, great kids and a wife that puts out damn near every day. 🙂  Speaking of TW, she’s feeling a bit better. If she could get rid of the coughing fits, she’d be great. The kids are all home safely and acting like fools. That’s okay though, it makes it feel like home again. Still, TW and I can’t wait to get them back to school so we can resume our naked fun. Only have to last a few more days…

On a sad note, the economic downturn has claimed yet another victim…

Swingers parties Are Another Casualty of the Recession.

So sad. 😦




  1. I hope that you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

    BTW: Going to a swing club is an expensive hobby. Many raised prices to deal with the recession which made DIY parties an even more attractive option. People still go, just not (almost) every weekend like they used to. It’s kinda like eating out. People will still do it; but there may be fewer meals at (insert swanky restaurant here) and more meals at fast food places.

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