Alive, But Barely Functioning

Hello Readers,

Yes, TW and I are still alive but we’re barely functioning lately. Between TW’s continued illness, her back problems, my inability to get Mr. Happy happy, my inability to stay awake for fun activities at night and our general feelings of blah, it’s been quiet at the MD household. We seem to be out of rhythm and are having trouble getting back into sync. Unfortunately, we’ll probably get into sync just as the kids arrive home for Christmas break. Sigh.

4 thoughts on “Alive, But Barely Functioning

  1. Ummmmm. Someone’s getting (just a little) older. Be there for TWs needs and wants and it’ll all take care of itself (and she’ll take care of you as soonas she can). Probably about the tome the kids come back for the holidays.
    Or, as one doctor said to the other doctor, “Take two nurses and call me from Hawaii!”

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