And that’s why this blog will live on forever! It sucks!

No one comments on the entries, the only time we get any appreciable traffic is when we post pictures, the sex is predictable,  the male lead is a fat pig, and oh, did I mention, no one EVER comments on here?


Anyway, we’re thinking posts may be sparse over the next two weeks. You know, Christmas and all that. But, one never knows; with all the voices and twisted characters in my head, you may get a post every day! Plus, TW’s coming off her period VERY horny. I wonder how I can use that to my advantage? Hmm, sounds like I may have some “tasks” I’ll need my slave to perform over the holidays. Of course, last time I said that, she freaked out. NOT a good way to start a master/slave relationship. I guess I was too good in my master role. I’m sure she’ll get used to it. She really has no choice in the matter. After all, she is my slave.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. We tried some of the master/sub stuff. She kept saying that she wanted to have her lover be in charge. And I would try. And she would balk. Seems as if she likes the idea of a take charge lover, just sure that I am not the one and maybe no one is the one. Wish you well on working that out!

  2. I don’t comment that often and just to add to the insult I’ve been busy enough that I have not been able to to spend the time I’d like to playing around on the net and just playing around. Part of that is that the wife doesn’t seem too interested in playing around…or even a round of golf but one keeps hoping. I’ll try to visit more often and try to comment more often. I do enjoy your blog.

    Have a great Christmas and wishing you a fantastic 2011!

  3. Alfro, Yeah, I’m with you. Don’t want to look like a stalker but do enjoy the posts and general ramblings. Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the things that really matter. Oh, and you too Mr. M-D.

  4. My, aren’t we testy today? Just commenting on the sex?? I believe when TWs back went out I told you to take care of her and she’d “take care if you later”. Is there an echo on here?
    Have a great weekend. 

  5. M-D,
    Have a great weekend. And enjoy the holidays with the family.

    Just so you know, I enjoy ALL your posts, but don’t like to comment all the time, cuz sometimes I start to feel like a stalker…..yikes.

    Take Care of yourself and pay some special attention to TW.

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