Debbie Downer Christmas

Yeah, it was a real downer of a Christmas holiday for the M-D’s this year. Between recent deaths in the family and illnesses, everyone was pretty down and out in paradise.

At least TW and I kept the streak alive. We’ve been going more old school recently, doing more oral and finger play than fucking. I’m having a blast with it as I love to eat TW’s juicy pussy. Judging by her crying fit during our Saturday night session, I think I’m doing one hell of a job. When I rub her clit and suckle her tits, it never fails to make her cum hard.

It takes us back to our early dating days when all we did was oral and finger play. I vividly recall being in her backyard, or the gangway, my mouth around her nipple, my fingers doing a dance in her short shorts. Feeling her buck against my hand as she came on my fingertips. Letting her taste herself by having her suck my fingers clean. Damn, I’m getting hard just thinking about it!

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