And A New Streak Begins

TW and I had some alone time last night. CB was out with a friend and LP was going to a friend’s house to watch a movie. As soon as she left the garage, TW and I were upstairs and in bed.

Nothing too fancy, just some nice, straight laced Spoon style sex with TW having several orgasms. We did originally begin in CG, but my right nut was having none of it. Too much pressure on it I guess. Things were swell after we switched to Spoon though so it was all good.

2 thoughts on “And A New Streak Begins

  1. LMAO on your poor right nut.
    Sorry to hear that. It’s usually my wife complaining about her bum hip that forces us to change from CG.
    It’s always something at this age…..

    looking forward to hearing how far this streak lasts..

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