Sunday Morning Cum Shot

TW and I had a wonderful Sunday morning sex session. It featured some CG and a whole lot of Spoon, still due to her back pain, and ended with me shooting a large, thick, hot load of cum over her tits and face. She was busy fingering herself as I shot my load on her and came quite forcefully when the first spurt hit her titties. Last night, I ate her to several more strong orgasms, enabling her to fall asleep quickly.

Ain’t Over Forty Married Sex fun?


Last night TW and I got in a nice oral sex session. My tongue worked it’s magic on her clit and she slept much better than previous nights. Maybe it’ll have to become our new bedtime routine. First, a nice relaxing back rub and then an intense, screaming orgasms inducing pussy licking. Yeah, we could live with that.

Now that the kids are out of the house, I think it’s time we brought out the old magnetic refrigerator magnets again. Oh the possibilities….

I could leave TW all kinds of master/slave instructions. Of course, the more complicated the directions, the more letters we’ll need. Maybe we’ll just stick to paper and pen. 😉

Easy Does It

After a day’s hiatus, TW and I were back in the saddle so to say. Last night, I put my baby to sleep by eating her out to several orgasms. This morning, TW put her lips upon my hard cock and mounted up CG style to   s   l   o   w   l  y  ride me to a few strong orgasms. Nothing too wild as her back is still giving her grief. Her MRI is scheduled for this afternoon. Hopefully, that will pinpoint the problem area and the doctors can give her some guidance. We’re hoping to avoid surgery.

Until then, we’ll get our sex over easy. Nice and slow but still orgasmic. TW is really, Really, REALLY hoping to get another ass reddening spanking. I’m eager to give it to her but we can’t find a comfortable position for her. We’re working on it though, we’re definitely working on it. 😉

Gently, GENTLY!

TW and I got in some nice sex sessions over the weekend. They weren’t particularly acrobatic but they were quite orgasmic! We did some CG, a lot of spoon and lots of oral for her.

TW’s back is really giving her grief. She has an almost constant grimace on her face due to the pain she’s experiencing. We had a doctor’s appointment on Saturday with a spinal doctor. He took X-rays and she’s getting an MRI later on this week. One of her vertebrae appears twisted a bit but he needs an MRI to see if it’s pinching off a nerve. Hopefully it can be corrected without surgery. Only time will tell.

Till then, we’ll be taking things slowly and gently, but we both agree, the streak MUST continue. 😉