There’s Nothing Like It

Kept the streak alive this morning with a rousing bout of oral for TW. I licked and lapped at her pussy making her come hard several times before heading off to work. While eating her, I got to watch her beautiful titties wobble about every time she came. What a sight! Great way to start the morning, especially since her period’s due any day now.

I’m thinking of filling her pussy with my cum tonight, missionary style so I can watch her face and tits as she comes. Maybe put her legs up over my shoulders so I can drive deep. If not missionary, maybe I’ll put her face down on the mattress and fuck her from behind, grabbing her hair, pulling her head back, forcing her to watch me pummel her pussy; then pulling out just as I start to come so I can shoot it over her back and ass.

Yeah, that’d be a great way to end the day for sure!