Holding Pattern

The streak is currently on hold as TW’s period has arrived. Although putting a temporary halt to our festivities, it’s awesome that it came this weekend. Next weekend, we’re taking LP back to school and will be having HHMS as a result.

Y E S!

We’ll be staying overnight after dropping her off so we should have lots of fun! The only difficult thing will be deciding which route to take. Do we go Bondage? Or, perhaps, Spanking? Both? Naked trips through the hallways late at night? Pearl Necklaces? Cum On Clothing? Photo ops around the hotel? Yeah, it’s gonna be tough to decide.

The only sure thing? LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of orgasms for my Sweetie.

While we’re lieing low, I encourage you to check out some of the blogs over to the right. We’ve added some new ones (and some old friends who have returned from hiatus) and point you to the excellent photo blog links.

Have fun!

Oh, one more thing, after next weekend we’ll be back to NEDD time!

2 thoughts on “Holding Pattern

  1. HEY! I’m an old man now. If I were younger, I WOULD have included an “All of the above” If we were to do that all in one night, well, this blog would be finished. TW and I would be DOA. 🙂

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