Damn It, NOT Again!

Well, plans were made, the toys were brought with, we had the time but, unfortunately, not the energy. Now, don’t go thinking it was another lost weekend, far from it! No, we just didn’t get the spanking in that we had planned. No big loss though, as we found other ways to spend out time, as you shall see.

We did get in two very spectacular sessions though. One at the hotel and the other one at home. In fact, TW’s sexy, gyrating hips got me to cum twice in a little over 24 hours! Yeah, no shit, we were surprised too! The first time I came, TW just about drowned in cum. I hadn’t cum in a little over a week so the load was large and thick. My sexy honey did manage to swallow it all. Have I told you folks that I LOVE this woman?

TW brought a long a few outfits but we really only took photos of her in two of them. She didn’t get the chance to wear the other ones though, so you’re not missing anything.

Details to follow, I’m crazy busy at work today and I need time to work on the photos and the story. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, we sure as hell did. 😉

Oh, I do have to tell you about a dream I had. After getting home yesterday, I took a nap. I dreamed a wonderful dream of X, my oldest SIL, fucking me on the floor while TW watched from the bed. It was hot, as X was really into it in my dream. Her big titties were in my face as she rode me CG style and then her and TW tag teamed me, one riding my face, the other my cock, as we fucked on the floor. Yeah, I most definitely DID wake up with a solid steel hardon. Wouldn’t you?

I think that will be the last sex dream of X I’ll have though. I haven’t dreamed of Z since the last sex dream I had of her, where she was also totally into it. I guess that means I’m done with X and Z in dreamland. If only I could get them to do it in real life! Nah, it’ll never happen. Sigh.

One thought on “Damn It, NOT Again!

  1. Well, it sounds like the weekend was a success. Glad to hear.
    Now, if I could only come up with some reason to get my wife to a hotel….

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