Easy Does It

After a day’s hiatus, TW and I were back in the saddle so to say. Last night, I put my baby to sleep by eating her out to several orgasms. This morning, TW put her lips upon my hard cock and mounted up CG style to   s   l   o   w   l  y  ride me to a few strong orgasms. Nothing too wild as her back is still giving her grief. Her MRI is scheduled for this afternoon. Hopefully, that will pinpoint the problem area and the doctors can give her some guidance. We’re hoping to avoid surgery.

Until then, we’ll get our sex over easy. Nice and slow but still orgasmic. TW is really, Really, REALLY hoping to get another ass reddening spanking. I’m eager to give it to her but we can’t find a comfortable position for her. We’re working on it though, we’re definitely working on it. 😉