From Fantasy To Reality

After yesterday’s fantasy tale, I have great news to report. TW’s  period is over and she and I had an awesome session this morning. It ended with her swallowing a very large load of cum. In fact, my cum shot was so powerful, it went up her nose a bit. WOO HOO!

It started off with a very horny TW grabbing hold of my cock and making it grow very quickly. She took me in her mouth right before she mounted up and rode me CG style. We quickly moved over to spoon where TW had several strong orgasms.

Things kept coming back to CG though, as TW thoroughly enjoyed riding my dick to one orgasm after another. I love fucking her in this position as I have access to her titties. I bit and nipped and suckled on her tits as she rode me to one wild orgasm after another. At one point, she was rubbing her clit along my shaft. This really set her off.  She’s gonna be hurtin’ for certain tomorrow.

We fucked for about a half hour before I finally had to blow. By this time, TW was working her oral magic on my cock and was bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. I took hold of her head and began to fuck her face deeper and deeper. It was on one of those deep thrusts that I unleashed my load.

TW gagged a bit as the first spurt hit the back of her throat. She pulled back a little and I think it was at that time that another spurt caught her off guard and sent my cum up her nose. Like the true cock sucking, cum loving slut she is, TW didn’t miss a drop as she completed her BJ.

What a start to the day!

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