Just As I Was Getting Away, I Get Sucked Back In

Well, just when I thought the SILs were gone from my mind, Z sneaks in as the star of a wild dream in which I fucked her silly, at our house, at her house and at my work. Although, my work was a hodge-podge collection of every place I’ve worked at before. Weird.

TW followed up the dream with a wonderfully H O T session. We did Spoon to start but then TW mounted up CG style and we were off. As painful as it was for her, she was unbelievably hot for it. It wasn’t too long before  TW was begging me to give her a nice spanking. Who am I to disappoint a beautiful lady?

I reached into the headboard and brought out the wooden spatula figuring it would be less stressful and painful on her nervous system. Boy, was I EVER right. As I applied the spatula and talked dirty to her, TW went ballistic. Her screams of pleasure were loud and strong. Her pussy was gushing all over my cock as I landed stroke after stroke on her ass cheeks. When I move the strokes a bit lower toward her cunt, it was showtime!

Her body shook uncontrollably and her moans were low and gutteral as she came on my dick. When I began to suck on her tits, her moans became wails of pleasure. I nipped and sucked on her breasts as she came on my cock.

Soon though, it was too much for her and she fell off to the side, sobbing uncontrollably. I cradled her in my arms as she came down from her orgasmic high.

What a great start to our Sunday.