So Far, So Good

TW is feeling much better after having her first spinal epidural a couple days ago. Hopefully, this will hold her off  so we can see the kids play this spring. She’s due to check back in 2-3 weeks or so. We did get some good news: it seems we may be able to have the cysts that are pressing against her spinal nerves either drained, or, better yet, burst. It’s not a guarantee, but if we can get it burst, then TW can put off surgery for a while. We won’t know anything for a few weeks  and a visit to another doctor. Just to have her walking around and being able to do normal stuff is a great improvement. I just have to remind her to keep taking it s l o w.

Sex has taken a backseat to getting TW mobile and comfortable. We still fall asleep in each other’s arms, which TW has said, is almost as good as sex. Hey, anytime I can wrap my arms around her and cop a feel here and there is all right with me. 🙂

3 thoughts on “So Far, So Good

  1. We both wish her well. Mostly having sex in the afternoon, we always fall asleep in each other’s arms (after I have enjoyed a good grope) but always wake up back to back, a couple of feet apart.

  2. I had a series of the LESI shots several years ago and except for getting them, it worked out wonderfully. Shots didn’t hurt, the procedure was just a little uncomfortable. Best of luck guys! Full speed ahead to full recovery. 

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