All Is Not Lost

So, all is not lost.

After a few days “off” TW and I have been able to enjoy some wonderful pussy eating the past couple of nights. TW has had some very strong orgasms, courtesy of my lips and tongue, and has been able to sleep rather soundly. I’m thinking straight up fucking will be a slow go, at best, but it appears my favorite activity, eating pussy, is back on the table. YAY! PUSSY FOR A LATE NIGHT SNACK EVERY NIGHT?



Lots Of Down Time

Unfortunately, it looks like TW is broken. Our last session, which was wild and crazy, appears to have done more harm to her back. It’s been extremely painful for her since we last made love. We’ve agreed to put off sex for the immediate future, hoping that things will settle down. We’re in the process of trying to get her to see the radiologist to see if he can do his thing. If not, we’ll have to schedule her for surgery.

So, in the meantime, things will be quiet here for the most part. The other two blogs will probably be getting the majority of the posts in the next few weeks. It sucks, but then that’s the way life is.

Till next time, take care, be good to one another and have lots of sex for us! 😉

You’re Nothing But A Horny, Slutty, Dirty Girl

And, you must be punished.

That’s what happened to TW last night. She got punished.

She loved every last swat of my hand.

TW’s coming off her period very hot and very horny. Last night, we had a rock-n-rollin’ session. It was hot, it was heavy and it was quite orgasmic.

As we were watching TV, TW and I were surfing the web. TW was looking for a stripper pole so that she has incentive to get her back fixed and back to normal. We were laughing and kidding around about having her bring the pole out at our cul-de-sac’s block party. I added I could ask one of my buddies to come over and throw dollar bills at her. He likes to go to strip clubs and TW and I can sure use the money. 😉

We headed off to bed and I was rubbing TW’s sore body. Well, wouldn’t you know it, my dick got hard! Who would have thought? TW, upon discovering the little fella, was quite taken by him. She reached down and fondled my hard cock and pretty soon, decided she had to have it in her mouth. 🙂

TW is still on her period, so she was wearing panties and a pad. After sucking me for a few minutes, TW decided to get her some. She mounted up and began to rub her pad clad pussy over my hard cock. The bitch was H O T! She worked her pad covered slit over my throbbing dick. We started to weave a little tale about how much of a slutty whore she was. Her orgasmic level ratcheted up about 10 levels.

When I told her what a dirty, hot, slut she was and told her she needed to be punished, she just mewled. I began to spank her panty clad ass and really worked her into a frenzy. I don’t know if it was the frustration of her back issues, or if she was just coming off her period super horny, but my slutty slave went ballistic. She was crying out and screaming as I pummeled her ass. I was hitting her so hard that my hands actually stung! She took it all and then some.

I reached back and slid her panties down over her ass cheeks. TW’s grinding motion got harder as my  hand smacked her bare ass. She was promising things I don’t really know if she’ll be able to deliver on as I worked her ass over. I then wove a fantasy that had us out in the woods, TW hugging a tree in preparation for a bare assed spanking and flogging. Her moans got deeper as I told her someone was watching us.

When I told her that person would spank and flog her too, well, there’s no words for what happened to my slutty whore. She was speaking in tongues as her pussy ground against my cock. I really worked her ass hard and when I told her it might be a woman helping out, well, her grinding, and her orgasms, got even more intense. I then latched onto a nipple and TW arched her back and came like a wild banshee. I think the neighbors down the block heard her she was so loud. It was good though, LP is due back here on spring break this weekend so all the yelling had to get done last night. 😉

I wish I had a tape recorder going so you could hear the animalistic sounds she was making as she came. It would also help her keep the promise she made to “do anything I wanted her to do.” Oh honey, I have many ideas on what you can do. But, will you do them? I guess only time will tell.

TW then went back to sucking my cock. I continued our fantasy about the spanking in the woods, adding that the woman would be helping her with my blow job. This seemed to ramp TW’s enthusiasm up so, I figured I’d use her slut mouth like she likes it. I grabbed her head and began to thrust my hips off the bed, driving my dick deep down her throat. After gagging a little, TW picked up the rhythm and I was soon fucking her mouth fast and furious. I told her we had to show the mystery woman how a good slut sucks cock. TW moaned around my dick until I finally released a large load of cum.

I grabbed two fist fulls of hair and kept pumping my slut’s mouth. Being the cum hungry whore she is, she drank up every last drop and then licked me clean. It was a great way to finish our sex session. Now, things will have to calm down a bit with LP home. That’s okay though, she’ll have to go back to school in a week or so. We’ll have plenty of time after she heads back to explore TW’s submissive side some more.

I’m willing to bet she went through all three phases of The Look I mentioned in my other blog yesterday. Granted, we didn’t fuck, but I can confidently say she had the phase three look during her most intense orgasms.

I have mentioned I love this woman, haven’t I? 😀

EDIT: In my haste to get last night’s session out to you fine folks out there, I neglected to tell you about the wonderful titty fucking that TW provided for me. Before she got down to some serious oral, TW treated me to one of my favorite activities, fucking her titties. Before mounting up on my dick, she took some time to get my cock nice and wet and then nestled it betwixt her gorgeous melons. I love when she slobbers all over my dick and then puts it between her tits. I can feel her hard nipples rub across the underside of my shaft. She spent a good ten minutes or so titty-fucking me before she got on top for the main event.

Just wanted to let you know.

Wear My Cum You Hot Slutty Whore!

TW and I had a fantastic session yesterday morning. After having traveled to see CB play on Saturday, we slept in a bit Sunday morning. Well, okay, I’ll be truthful here, TW let ME sleep in a bit yesterday morning. Her body clock doesn’t allow her any extra sack time, even on the weekends! Poor thing.

Anyway, I heard her coming up the stairs, and since I had been playing with myself as I slowly awoke, I was ready for her when she came back to bed. Upon seeing my hard cock, TW gingerly made her way up and on to my cock, riding me CG style. Despite the epidural, she still has some numbing from time to time. As she rode me, she had to be careful not to arch her back too much as this causes the shooting pain down into her legs. It was all good though since she had to lean forward, I was able to suck on those big ol’ titties of her’s. As I suckled on her tits, her pussy got hotter and wetter. I even got to spank her a bit, calling her my dirty whore and my hot slut. This made her pussy get hotter still and her orgasms were coming fast and furious.

We then switched over to Spoon to give her back a rest. I fucked her from behind and managed to grab a handful of hair, but had to be careful not to bend her too far backward. It was all good though because TW wailed out her orgasms as I fucked her from behind.

When I pulled out, she groaned in frustration, but I wanted to shower her with cum. When she realized what I was doing, she quickly scooted over to the edge of the bed as I stroked my cock. She sucked me as I held her head and pushed my dick keep into her mouth. She began to play with her pussy and clit as we wove a little fantasy about her being in the woods, stretched out on a blanket with cocks of every color surrounding her. There were big black cocks, white cocks, oriental cocks, Hispanic cocks, all poised and ready to shower her with their cum.

TW was busy playing with herself as we egged each other on toward orgasm. When I finally erupted, TW screamed as the first shot hit her tits. She was moaning and wailing as I spurted shot after shot of cum onto her big tits and over her face. She was moaning, “Oh you Mother Fuckers, cum on me. God I love the feel of your cum on me. Soak me with your love!” I obliged as best I could. I haven’t cum in a week so there was lots of cum for me to shower her with. When the last weak dribble leaked out, TW sucked my dick back into her mouth and frigged herself to another strong orgasm.

After TW finished cleaning my dick with her mouth, I got a towel and wiped her titties and face clean of cum. I kissed her deeply as I wiped and she had another small orgasm. She lazily played with her pussy as I finished cleaning her off.

What a fucking great way to start our Sunday!

Stinky Face, Stinky Cock, Clean Cock

More pussy eating for me this evening. To help me unwind, TW followed  me upstairs to the bedroom. She quickly stripped down, spread her legs and invited me in. I quickly took my position between her legs and lapped away.

If TW hadn’t had her second epidural this week, there was no way she would have survived the session. Her orgasms were violent and very strong. Her legs clamped around my head, my finger tips twisting her nipples and my tongue tickling her clit, TW came like a woman possessed.

She screamed and yelled out her orgasms as my tongue did it’s magic on her clit. After making sure she was nice and wet (really, when isn’t she?) I assumed the Missionary position and easily slid my cock into her cunt. The affect was immediate as TW moaned and came again. I began to pump her cunt hard and fast and TW continued to scream out her orgasms. I sucked on her bouncing titties as she came on my cock.

After ensuring she was well satisfied, and to keep my self from coming in her sloppy cunt, I moved down again to eat some more. She came  hard again and then I stopped. No use killing her before the weekend. 😉

I moved around to her side of the bed and offered her my dick. She squealed in delight as she quickly opened her mouth and took me down to my balls. I love fucking her face. She’s so into it and I love it as well. She licked and sucked her juices off my dick and we headed down to dinner.

Nice start to the weekend I’d say.