Timing IS Everything

TW and I got in a quick, but productive, Spoon session this morning. I slept in a bit and she was playing with my cock when I got hard. NICE! It doesn’t happen all that often anymore but we’ll take what we can get. She quickly assumed the position and I fucked her to several orgasms before pulling out. I may have experience my first non-ejaculation orgasm in a while as I held myself back from coming in her pussy but still felt the familiar tingling in my balls and shaft. It would be just our luck if I got her pregnant now. We finished the session with TW sucking my cock.

A very nice start to the day.

On a very different subject, TW and I want to express our condolences and extend our thoughts and prayers to the entire Pacific Ocean region. The video and photos coming out of Japan are horrific and terrifying. We pray that the death and injury total is low compared to what damage there appears to be in Japan. I hope that any readers we may have from that area are safe.

My father lives is Cali but is far enough away from the coast that he will not be impacted by any tsunami that may come.  If any of you have friends or relatives in the affected areas, we pray that they are also safe.

5 thoughts on “Timing IS Everything

    • She loves to suck cock. I’m a VERY lucky man. We didn’t have penetration sex until almost a year after we started dating. She swallows unless she wants me to cum on her.

      Yes, we have 3 kids, all out of high school now. Yes, we’re empty nesters! WOO HOO! 🙂

  1. Glad you had a great start to the day. It’s nice when the spirit and the flesh are willing together.
    We both seem to be feeling horny at the same time. L(My wife) has shaved her pussy(which I love to eat when it is like that) ordered a new vibrator and has been looking at your site. Could be a fun weekend.

    As I type this UPS delivered the new toy. Should be fun tonight.

      • Thanks,
        It was a fun evening. No screaming but lots of very happy moaning. Three of my favorite things… Watching her come with her toy, licking her pussy and fucking her. This time we had the vibrator between us. Very good for us both.

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