Ah, Thatsa Nice

TW and I had an awesome session Sunday morning. TW woke me up with blow job and quickly mounted up CG style. She fucked me nice and slow while I busily worked her breasts with my lips. We took it slow, due to TW’s back, but the sex gods were with us as she was able to have some very strong orgasms while riding me.

About halfway through the CG portion, TW reached into the headboard and brought out one of the floggers we use. This one is softer than the usual leather strap one we use, but the effects were the same. TW’s pussy became hot and very slippery as soon as I struck her ass the first time. She moaned out her orgasms as I flogged her ass. When she would sit up, I took the opportunity to flog her tits as well. She had one very powerful, very loud orgasm before rolling off me. She was panting heavily as I rolled over and began to run my hands over her body.

It wasn’t too long before my hand found it’s way down to her pussy. I slid my finger tips along her pussy lips and TW started to moan. I then focused on her clit and she began to wail. When I latched onto her left nipple, her orgasms went into hyper drive! Her pussy gushed around my fingers as I rubbed her clit in circles and suckled on her tit. She kept telling me how much she loved it when I sucked on her tits and fingered her pussy. It always takes her back to when we used to say goodnight. We would slip into the darkness of the gangway and I would lift her top and suck her tits. My hands would always find their way into her shorts and she’d come on my finger tips. I’d lick my fingers clean before kissing her goodnight and heading home.

When TW got too sensitive, she rolled on to her side and I took her from behind. Her pussy was slick and hot and it didn’t take too long before I was over the edge. I pulled out and told her it was time to suck my dick. She quickly took my cock into her mouth and I unloaded my balls down her throat. What a great feeling! I love when she sucks my cock and boy, does she love to suck my cock.

It was very nice to be able to get that active a session in without TW experiencing crippling back pain. She’s due for her second epidural this week so we should be able to get in some more fun time without back pain. YAY!


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