Lots Of Down Time

Unfortunately, it looks like TW is broken. Our last session, which was wild and crazy, appears to have done more harm to her back. It’s been extremely painful for her since we last made love. We’ve agreed to put off sex for the immediate future, hoping that things will settle down. We’re in the process of trying to get her to see the radiologist to see if he can do his thing. If not, we’ll have to schedule her for surgery.

So, in the meantime, things will be quiet here for the most part. The other two blogs will probably be getting the majority of the posts in the next few weeks. It sucks, but then that’s the way life is.

Till next time, take care, be good to one another and have lots of sex for us! 😉

4 thoughts on “Lots Of Down Time

  1. Well you certainly went out with a BANG. That last session was awesome, but time to pay the piper I guess.
    Here’s to hoping and praying that TW is able to get taken care of and soon. Back problems are terrible.

  2. You folks do whatever it takes to get TW back on the pain-free track. Our prayers out to you and take good care of her MD. She needs you now.
    We’ll be here to help celebrate a full recovery.

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