Sex And Dogs

My sexy, horny, hot bitch was waiting for me when I got home tonight. She was sitting on one of our bar stools, ball gag in place, hands cuffed in front of her, high heels on, black panties, black bra, black stockings, nipple chain clamps, ping pong paddle, wooden spatula, and the camera ready and waiting.

I have mentioned I LOVE this woman, right?

Anyway, we took some pictures of our little play session but that’s for another time. I started off by playing with her body; kissing, licking, nibbling, fondling and other assorted fun things. I worked her body over and planted kisses all over. She got a plethora of positions, all revolving around the stool.

I ate her, fucked her face, fucked her sloppy cunt, spanked her sexy ass, pulled on the nipple clamps, fucked her again, tongue fucked her ass, suckled on her titties and finished up by blowing a rather large load all over her face and titties and managed to get a couple of spurts in her hair as well.

We had some really rough sex with me pounding her from behind, using her short jean skirt to pull her back toward my throbbing cock. As I slowly stripped TW’s body of her clothing, I remained fully dressed, my cock hanging out of the fly of my pants.

As I pumped TW, I wove a tale of us being in the forest, guys lined up to fuck her from behind. This drove TW over the edge and when she started to shake her hips, I lost it. I quickly pulled out, forced TW down to her knees and came on her hot body. As my spurts landed on her skin, TW moaned in ecstasy. She sucked the last remaining cum from my softening cock.

Her back held up pretty well but tomorrow will be the day of reckoning. We hope not but if past history is any indication, poor TW will be crippled. She has told me it was worth every pain she may have.

As for the dogs in the title?

After our hot session, we went out to the local hot dog stand and got dinner.

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