FINALLY! Some Good News For A Change

Hello Dear Readers,

Well, TW finally got some good news regarding her back. After our weekend of travel to see CB’s team win 2 games and LP’s team win their game, the radiologist reviewing her case called back this morning. The doctor told her, pending further analysis, that she is a candidate for having those pesky cysts burst. He wants her to get her last epidural and then have another MRI. He will then be in a better position to let her know if he can do it. YAY! At least we have some hope. She will still have to have the back surgery, but it can be postponed for a while.

Needless to say, we’ve got our fingers, toes and eyes crossed on this one.

On the sexual front, we got in a nice CG hotel session Friday night and I’ve been able to rub and eat her to sleep the past few nights as well. Although not as acrobatic as past sessions, they’re still productive as TW gets good sleep after my snack. 😉 Anything I can to to relieve the pain. 🙂

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    • About 20 minutes or so. The machines themselves are NOISY, so TW tells me. I’ve never had one but she said it was the loudest 20 minutes she’s ever experienced.

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