Yes, We ARE Still Alive

Fear not gentle readers, TW and I are alive and well, just busy, Busy, BUSY!

Spring sport season is in full gear and CB is fast approaching his last days in college. W O W! Time has indeed flown. CRAZY! LP will be finishing up her first year in college and the next few weeks will be crazy ass busy. We’re hoping CB’s team gets an invite to the playoffs but it’s kinda political and a small field.

TW is still looking to get her cysts burst. She’s due for another MRI and then we wait to see what the doc says. Hopefully, it’ll be a yes to bursting them.

Sex, since the hotel session, has been limited to eating TW’s tasty pussy at night. That’s a pretty good deal and helps TW fall asleep and sleep more soundly.

So, if you don’t hear from us for a bit, we’re busy as a one armed traffic cop. šŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Yes, We ARE Still Alive

    • Yeah, it seems it was just last fall we were sending CB off to his first year away at school. It’ll be good to have him home though. TW can use lots of help in the garden. I’m just not the gardening type. Rock gardens maybe, but not flower/veggie gardens.

  1. M-D,
    Glad to hear all is good. You were starting to worry me.
    But, it’s good to be busy. Especially with your kids…
    Are they moving back for the summer?? No more NEDD time?? that will be a bummer.
    Give some lovin to TW for me. I’m wishing her the best with her back.

    • We’ll have two back this summer, CB and LP. CB’s return will be a bit more permanent as he’s done with school. LP will head back in August.

      Yes, I’m afraid NEDD time will be gone for a while.

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