CRS Strikes Again

Well, my CRS (Can’t Remember Shit) is getting worse.

After posting on how we hadn’t had Hot Wild Monkey Sex in a while, TW, after reading the post last night, gently but firmly reminded me of our Saturday session which finished with me cumming all over her sexy body. How the FUCK could I forget that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

CRS strikes again! Damn it!

On an unrelated fantasy note: TW and her best friend will be hanging out today. Her friend S is helping her out with errands and such while TW’s back pain gets worse. She delayed her last epidural until closer to CB’s graduation so that will be somewhat pain free. Naturally, I know her and S will be sitting around the kitchen table, drinking their tea and coffee, chatting away, while topless.

It’s just the way women operate, right? Any chance to get naked?

Come on, it has to work that way.

One last thing: This is my new motto. I’m thinking of having T-shirts made.

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