Okay, Now THAT’S Weird!

How was everyone’s Easter? Well, those of you who celebrate anyway. I’m not that culturally blind that I think EVERYONE celebrates Easter. Come on now, you have to know me better than that! HA!

Mine was interesting to say the least. In a complete reversal of styles, Y, the ultra-conservative SIL, was the only one showing visible cleavage! Imagine that! And what fine cleavage it was too! She’s dating someone and both TW and I couldn’t be happier for her. She definitely deserves a guy to love and cherish and, so far, this guy seems to fit the bill. She’s much happier than before and I have noticed her style of dress is a bit less conservative. All the better for horny ol’ me!

TW wasn’t showing any cleavage but that was okay. She was wearing a very sheer bra that popped those sexy nipples of her’s whenever a cool breeze came by. 😉 I did get a nice DB from Z. Her tits are quite spectacular as well. Oh to drive my dick between those babies and cum all over her face and tits. X wasn’t showing all that much but that’s okay, I know what her titties look like. Again, another candidate for a spectacular titty fuck and cum.

So, how was your weekend?

5 thoughts on “Okay, Now THAT’S Weird!

  1. So, there is a benevolent God…
    He provided “Easter Cleavage”

    Glad your Easter was good. Mine was great, I just got to relax and Vegg out all day. Even snuck in a nap…

  2. The Easter bunny brought older daughter’s friend to visit. She has some big breasts and always wears something that shows off her substantial cleavage. I just couldn’t stop taking lots of long looks down that lovely valley. Her name is Bethany but I call her Breastany, at least in my mind. Hopefully that never pops out when I’m talking!
    I’m probably going to hell anyway for lusting after my daughter’s friends.

    • Nah, as long as you did it in a loving, gee I’d love to get my hands, tongue and lips on them, I’m sure God won’t mind. 😀

      The way I look at it, if they’re presented for my viewing pleasure, who am I to turn that special gift down?

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