Two Down, One To Go

TW and I are now proud owners of TWO college grads! CB just finished up the last class of his college career. Now we have to wait to see if he’s graduating Magna or Summa Cum Laude.

To say we’re proud of him is a major understatement. He was the one we were most worried about. He’s NEVER liked school, but, we’re happy to say he cruised through H.S. and College.

Two down, one to go!

3 thoughts on “Two Down, One To Go

    • She’s also doing quite well. Mostly A’s with a B here and there. She’s really enjoying the school she’s at, so, that’s half the battle.

  1. Big time Congratulations!!.

    Shit, those are some big fancy words to go on that diploma….
    I just remember HS graduation, and having to check my diploma, and see if anyone even signed it…I just squeeked by.

    Pass on my well wishes..

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