Hotel Sex

Since we spent the weekend in CB’s college town, we naturally had some fun hotel sex. It was only one day, but it was a fantastic session! It was mostly CG, with TW having numerous orgasms as she rode my dick. We finished up Spoon style and enjoyed a lazy morning in bed. It was nice not having anywhere to be right away.

On a depressing note, when we took LP back to school, a 12 hour round trip drive, TW did her best to flash some truckers. Out of the 100+ trucks we passed on the road that day, a total of 2 drivers looked into our car. 2 fucking drivers!


The good news is, TW did enjoy two massive orgasms while I played with her pussy. Flashing turns her on to no end, and, even though no drivers got a peek, the thought of them seeing her tits and pussy excited her to no end. The entire ride home from dropping LP off  at school consisted of me feeling TW up, exposing her tits, tugging and pulling on her nipples, playing with her pussy and making her cum. One orgasms was so intense that her whole body numbed out. (Damned spinal cysts! Damn you to hell!) She in turn stroked my hard cock and wondered how the hell any guy gets a blow job. There’s so little room between the steering wheel and my lap.

Anyway, we had a fun time driving home.

4 thoughts on “Hotel Sex

  1. Yep. You can’t beat hotel sex. Our first car had a front bench seat. It was far more convenient and spontaneous than clambering into the back. Happy days!

    • LMFAO. I say it’s due to the lack of bench seats in the cars. I remember LOTS more room between my dick and the steering wheel when I drove a vehicle with a bench seat. Of course, I was a bit thinner back then, but it HAS TO BE the lack of bench seats.

  2. My wife says the same thing about the blow job.

    She says it’s related to the inverse size of my “Lap” to my cock…..

    I just tell her they put the steering wheel in the place….

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