Is Our Children Learning?

FUCK YEAH they are!

CB graduated Summa Cum Laude this weekend! HOLY SHIT! First one in the family to garner that honor! WOO HOO!

The kid who hated school the most winds up getting the highest honors. Who would have thought?

Unfortunately, he can’t come home yet. His team is still in the hunt for a playoff position and have two games this weekend. So, he can just hang out on campus for another week. Of course, if they win those two games, he might have to stay another week or two, depending on how far they go in the playoffs.

LP surprised us by showing up for his Senior Night Game! She took a flight from school to the regional airport near CB’s school and was picked up by our nephew. Sneaky, sneaky! She stayed the weekend so she could attend graduation. CB seemed very happy she was there. Even OS and his fiancée made it. The whole family was able to attend, no tickets were needed! 😀

So, TW and I are now the proud owners of two college graduates. 😀

Only one more to go!

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