You Give Me Goose Bumps Baby

TW got treated to a Royal Fucking this morning. The alarm went off and when I awoke, TW was already awake. She’d been up for 35 minutes or so. I bumped the alarm up another ten minutes and lazily played with my hardening cock. TW was on her back and I reached over and started to play with her tits.

This got her interest right away and she reached down to find a nice, throbbing hardon, ready for action.

OH! Me like!” she exclaimed as she went down on me. “I’ve wanted to suck your cock for days.

She sucked me for a bit before getting into Spoon position. All bets were off at that point since we haven’t had sex since the weekend. (Don’t ask, all we’ll say is that we’ve been in bed, and pretty much asleep, by 9:00 – 9:30 all this week.) I fucked my honey slow and deep, fast and shallow, fast and deep and then let her fuck herself on my cock any which way she wanted.

Her orgasms were quite intense. There were exclamations of  “You give me goose bumps“, there was lots of screaming and plenty of tears of emotional release. Dealing with her back pain and the insurance company’s inability to get their shit together has really kept her on edge the past month or so. It was nice to hear her sobbing with joy as she came on my dick. I knew she was getting right emotionally.

Yesterday, she told me she’d be ready for me when I got home tonight, positioned on the table or counter top. Dinner is served indeed!

I’m definitely looking forward to it after the wonderful session we had this morning. 😀

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